Contemplating #PitchWars

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a writer is to step outside my comfort zone. It really is where the magic happens. I had to set a New Year’s Resolution in 2015 to put myself “out there” more. I shared my writing, joined online communities, and even entered contests. It was scary. It’s still scary; but I do it.

My latest inner conflict is whether or not to enter #PitchWars. I started following the hashtag, and saw how friendly and supportive everyone is. I joined the conversation. I’ve been present.

I like it.

There’s a daily #PitchWars-related question posted by @totheshelves, and two of them got me thinking about images that represent my story. In honor of “putting myself out there” I thought I’d share them here.

Here is my character’s celebrity doppelganger:

dusky lisa bonet 2
My character’s name is Dusky, but this is Lisa Bonet.

These are photos that represent the multiple settings in the story.

Top: A Plantation in Virginia, 1831

Bottom, from left to right: My secondary character’s home in present day Sacramento; the stables where my characters believe their dreams will come true; school– because that’s where things always go down if you’re seventeen.

In case you’re wondering, DUSKY is young adult speculative fiction, but that’s all I’m sharing right now. I’m working on revisions. Who knows… maybe I’ll even enter it in #PitchWars.

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